Letters to the Editor
The Cass County Reporter encourages “Letters to the Editor” from all of its readers on any issue in the news or anything else that might be on their minds. We reserve the right to edit letters that are of excess length and to select which letters will be published. We would also ask that all letters be signed and that they be published with the writers name and home town.


We have a standard format for obituaries which includes: Name, age, date, place of death, date and place of service, date of birth and location, parents names, date of marriages, date spouse died (if spouse precedes in death), schools attended, occupation, organizations, church affiliation, immediate family survivors (i.e. spouse, parents, children, brothers, sisters), and burial place. This information will be provided free of charge.

However, if the family requests other information, such as a photo, hobbies, grandchildren’s names, special friends, personality, interests, etc., this information can be provided in a boxed paid obituary for $75.00. (If you request two pictures, the price is $100.00.)

Unless the family specifically requests a paid obituary, the obituary will be edited and published in our usual format, free of charge.

The Reporter is not responsible for information which has been incorrectly submitted. We reserve the right to edit.

Thank You/Shower/Open House
Cards of Thanks: $5 for 75 words or less
Shower Notices, Family Reunions: $5 for 1 week, $7.50 for 2
Open Houses, Receptions, Dances or Birthday Greetings: $6 per column inch (1st week full price, 2nd week half price)

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